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Dark Messiah updated

Multiplayer modes, maps, more.

Valve's vented that there's a new update available through Steam for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which aims to fix a host of online balancing issues as well as add a new mode and maps to the multiplayer experience.

So, those of you eager to fight amongst yourselves should be happy with the new Colosseum game mode, which lets a handful of players duke it out in a series of individual bouts. Or you could try your hand at one of the four new maps that have been added to the original fantasy roster.

Various abilities have also been fiddled with to make things a little bit fairer, meaning no menacing Mage with a full-fire alignment should now be able to instantly kill you with one spell. The pests.

The patch will be automatically installed when your Steam client is restarted, and you can journey over to Valve's website for a full list of fixes.

Which reminds me to remind you that Dark Messiah is really rather good, and that you should read our review before buying the game.