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Dark Messiah patched

No more teleporting lockpicks.

Valve reports that there's a patch available through Steam for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which should sort out a number of tedious bugs. And if you bought the game in a box rather than an internet, you can download a patch for that too.

So what's sorted? Well, here are a few highlights: "Indestructible shields are now really indestructible." "Fixed teleporting that could occur when using lockpick." "Fixed invisible wall present on level 7." And "Fixed Percy getting stuck in a window."

Which reminds me - Rob moved house last week, and, well, if you couldn't get a sofa in through a front door, would your first instinct be to try and raise it through the first floor window using ropes? Somebody should patch him.

The point of which, I suppose, is that everything has bugs these days and you shouldn't hold it against Dark Messiah - especially since it's really quite good. Read our review for evidence.

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