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Factor 5 registers some trademarks

Animal Wars and Battle Squadron. Anyone?

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Browsing the ever enjoyable Video-fenky this morning we saw mention that Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5 has recently trademarked a couple of game titles, which can be found by digging around the US Patent and Trademark Office database as ever.

"Battle Squadron" and "Animal Wars" may not mean much at this point, but having been registered effectively as 'games we'll probably make' they're certainly names to keep in mind.

A bit of Googling fails to yield any interesting leads, sadly, although you can find "Battle Squadron" and "Factor 5" on a lot of the same pages thanks to the alphabetical proximity of Innerprise/EA's 1990 Battle Squadron and Rainbow Arts/Factor 5's Denaris on various Amiga pages. I bet you wanted to know that.

Sadly for now at least it's hard to find anything directly relating to either title. Factor 5's homepage offers little clarification - not even a couple of job listings yield anything helpful. The only project listed as ongoing apart from the recently released Rebel Strike is Thornado, about which very little has been said in a long time.

If we do hear anything about what Factor 5 is up to, we will of course let you know as soon as we can.

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