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Resident Evil DS details

Deadly Silence noises. (Odd.)

Resident Evil on the GameCube was lovely - an example of how remaking old games can be really worthwhile - and designed in a way that toyed with your expectations. When the dogs were meant to jump out, they didn't, but by golly you were waiting for it. Clever game. And, er, now Capcom's remaking it again - this time on the DS - and some more details from the Famitsu preview that broke the story have splashed blood-like over the web-cobbles. Or something.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, as you might expect, has been reworked a bit, with new character models and animations, but Capcom's also taken the opportunity to play with you a bit more - introducing new traps and zombies smart enough to chase you through doors, so you can't just find an empty room and hide in it.

Naturally it's also been reworked to take advantage of the DS's stylus control system. For example, er, using a keypad to punch in numbers on the touch-screen. More encouragingly, you can also use the stylus to slash at zombies as though it were a knife. Hopefully there'll be more of that and less of the novelty "we've got a touch screen!" nonsense.

Apparently the game will also support the DS's wireless networking in some way, although it's difficult to say how without, you know, being told. We could guess? Fine, we won't. We'll probably find out more closer to the game's release, which is apparently being developed with the series' 2006 10th anniversary celebration in mind.