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Perfect Dark DLC, demo soon

New maps, new bots.

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Having made good on its promises of PGR3 and Kameo downloadable content, Microsoft's preparing to release a demo, some new multiplayer maps and some new bot personalities for Perfect Dark Zero.

There's no word on when - other than soon - but we're told the demo will consist of the Outpost campaign level, playable alone, in split-screen or using Live co-op, as well as new multiplayer map Plaza.

People who already own the game, meanwhile, can look forward to four new multiplayer maps - for an undisclosed amount of Microsoft points - and several free auto-updates, one of which will add eight new bot personalities.

According to MS, those will be judge bot, who goes after the player with the most kills; venge bot who goes after whoever killed him; DarkOps bot, who is apparently the 'baddest'; and bully bot who goes after Kristan-oops-I-mean the player with the least kills.

We'll let you know when those pitch up.

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