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Wizard's Tower for Oblivion

Plus, Oldblivion for manky PCs.

Oblivion fans who've exhausted the Orrery quest and have had enough fun with their shiny horses can now get their hands on The Wizard's Tower quest.

The Wizard's Tower costs 150 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Marketplace, which is around the same as it is in old money for PC owners - $1.89.

The tower's home to a powerful mage who wants you to look after it. In the tower you have an altar for summoning things and creating spells and enchanted items, a garden full of potion ingredients, teleporters to every mage's guild, and a bed to sleep in.

PC fans can download it from Obliviondownloads.com, while Xbox 360 owners can find it through the relevant Marketplace menus.

Meanwhile, PC gamers without DirectX 9 compatible graphics cards finally have some way to play Oblivion - a project called Oldblivion will patch various areas of the game to support a number of older graphics cards.

More details and download links can be had through the Oldblivion website.