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Oblivion Orrery available

For X360. Bit cheaper this time.

Oblivion fans playing the Xbox 360 version have the option to buy another bit of downloadable content this week - and for slightly less than the horse armour update released a fortnight ago.

The Orrery download features a new quest to do with repairing an Imperial Orrery. Players help the Mages Guild by recovering parts stolen by bandits, and there's also the promise of new powers for characters based on the phases of the moons.

This time Bethesda's asking for 150 Microsoft points - 50 less than it wanted for the horse armour, which many complained was overpriced. The Orrery update will soon be made available to PC owners too for $1.89.

That's not the end of Oblivion updates either, with the Elder Scrolls team currently working on a third download - Wizard's Tower - which is listed as "Coming Soon" on the Oblivion Downloads website.