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MS denies 100GB HDD plan

Not in the "near future" anyway.

Microsoft says it has no plans to release a 100GB hard disk for Xbox 360 in the near future, despite the circulation of photos reportedly from a Korean Microsoft presentation showing just that.

"The reference to a 100GB hard drive in a recent presentation in Korea has been misleading, and in fact we have no plans to bring a 100GB hard drive to the market. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused," a US statement read.

UK representatives had previously declined to comment on the photo, which we thought looked a bit suspect, to be honest, what with it being an Xbox 360 hard disk with "100GB" badly pasted on top.

Still, Microsoft's obviously not ruling it out in the future. "The device is modular, and there's the possibility that different hard drives will be available in the future," a representative told GameSpot. But... "To reiterate, we have no plans to announce such an accessory in the near future." There it is.

So, expect one next year or something.