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EGTV: Exclusive Supreme Commander trailer

Glimpse of the futuristic future.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ's impressive stand at this year's E3 was something of an RTS frenzy, with the likes of Company Of Heroes, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Supreme Commander vying for attendees' attention.

Eurogamer TV is now showing an exclusive new trailer of the latter title, developed by Gas Powered Games, the guys who made Dungeon Siege and whose CEO Chris Taylor created Total Annihilation.

Set in the far flung future (the 37th century to be precise), THQ is billing Supreme Commander as the 'next evolution in RTS'. The rather thrilling four-minute trailer offers a detailed glimpse of the game in action, comprised entirely of in-game footage.

Due for release on PC in 2007, you can view the exclusive Supreme Commander trailer over at Eurogamer TV.

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