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Supreme Commander demo

Try out Taylor's "labour of love".

Gas Powered Games has released a playable demo of Supreme Commander, its hotly anticipated real-time strategy game, the full version of which is due out on 16th February.

Available from all the usual mirrors, the 1GB demo puts you at the reins of the Cybran Nation, one of three playable factions, and lets you tackle the early bits of the single-player campaign as well as a skirmish map at three difficulty levels.

"Supreme Commander was more than a labour of love; it was the completion of a journey we started a long time ago and was a game that we've wanted to make for a very long time," developer Chris Taylor said in a message accompanying the release.

"To see the game complete is an incredible reward for us, especially because it delivers many of the goals we set for ourselves back in 2003. And now the journey is complete, and we will soon embark on another.

"From all of us here at GPG and the SupCom team, to all of you, we hope Supreme Commander brings you many hours of entertainment and delivers a new and exciting experience. And most of all, we hope it's everything you had hoped it would be... we worked very hard to make that happen."

We certainly thought it was a bit good when we hacked our way through some preview code not too long ago. Look out for a review in the near future.

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Supreme Commander

Xbox 360, PC

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