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GPG confirms console game

As well as new SupCom stuff.

Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has confirmed it is working on a next-generation console title, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

The title will be the first home console project from the acclaimed development team, following a focus primarily on the PC market, and will be based on all new IP.

The company is also working on more Supreme Commander titles and other original titles for PC.

"Projects include PC titles within the Supreme Commander franchise, PC titles with original IP and something new - an original IP that is the company's first next-generation console project," detailed GPG in a recent job advertisement.

The company has promised the new title is "sure to surprise fans" of GPG's previous role-playing and real-time strategy output.

Last year Gas Powered Games tested the waters in the hand-held market by releasing a version of Dungeon Siege for the PSP, with publishing partner Take Two.

Gas Powered Games was founded by Chris Taylor and has been responsible for the 1.7 million units-shifting Dungeon Siege series, as well as the recently released Supreme Commander, published by THQ.

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