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SupCom heading to 360

RTS mayhem in early 2008.

Gas Powered Games has revealed that Supreme Commander will be heading to Xbox 360 early next year.

It will be ported over by developer Hellbent Games and be published by Aspyr Media - the same team responsible for Guitar Hero III on PC - rather than THQ.

The 360 version will be given exclusive units, updated maps, new multiplayer modes and a revised control system and HUD. Chances are you will be as excited as us to have a machine that can do the game justice without needing an upgrade, too.

Supreme Commander is a real-time strategy game from Total Annihilation mastermind Chris Taylor. And while unashamedly hardcore and a little daunting to get used to, it raised the bar in the genre and only narrowly missed out on top marks.

Pop over to our Supreme Commander PC review from earlier in the year to find out what it is all about.

Meanwhile those of who do have powerful enough PCs should be looking forward to the standalone expansion pack Forged Alliance, which will be out on 23rd November.

Pop over to our Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance gamepage to find out more.

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