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Mega Drive games on Revolution

SEGA supports Virtual Console.

SEGA has announced that its games will form part of Nintendo's "Virtual Console" system for Revolution - in other words, players will be able to download classic Mega Drive titles and play those alongside Nintendo titles.

SEGA is planning to provide a "best of" selection for gamers, according to the publisher's announcement this evening.

Virtual Console, which Nintendo announced at E3 last year, will also features NES and Super Nintendo games, while the next-gen console itself is also backwards-compatible with GameCube games through its disc drive.

"SEGA continues to develop innovative ways to showcase its new generation leadership," said Naoya Tsurumi, CEO of SEGA of America and SEGA Europe. "SEGA's support of the Virtual Console system will introduce more gamers to classic MEGA DRIVE hits and reinvigorate many of our popular brands," he added.