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See Live Anywhere in action

Only on Eurogamer TV.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer TV is now showing an exclusive video demonstration of Microsoft's much vaunted Live Anywhere initiative, detailing how the ambitious service will work on Windows-powered mobile phones.

Officially revealed by Bill Gates during the firm's impressive pre-E3 media briefing, Live Anywhere enables gamers to play, share content and communicate across Xbox 360, PC with Vista and Windows-enabled mobiles.

Microsoft focused mainly on the interplay between PC and 360 during its conference, but in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer TV on the E3 showfloor, Xbox Live exec Aaron Greenberg offered an illuminating live walkthrough of the service on his personal handset.

The demonstration shows how you'll be able to check your Gamerscore, reputation and recent game achievements at any time, downloaded direct from the Xbox Live server, while also comparing notes with others on your Friends list and even beaming the Gamercard to other devices.

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