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Last Armored Core for PS2

Raven: about it.

It's a very sad day, readers. And not just because some jerk beat my Mario Circuit 1 time. It's a sad day because, as you've unsympathetically gathered here to point out, we're being forced to scrape so hard at the bottom of the barrel that we're in danger of working our way through the floorboards below and ending up crashing through onto somebody's kitchen table and then probably landing on a breadknife which we can sue about so it's probably not all bad like. But you know.

Agetec has announced that Armored Core: Last Raven will be released in the US in spring 2006 [blows nose]. Further sniffling abounds at the news that it's the last EVER instalment of the series on PlayStation 2, a platform it's called home for several years. Makers FromSoftware will be setting their sights on bigger and betters things, like making the exact same game on PlayStation 3, probably, and actually finishing that Xbox 360 RPG with the silly name.

Last Raven will apparently be the "most intense mech game ever", which amazingly is a phrase that produces no results on Google. In it, every story mission will have an actual impact on the story outcome, as you - a Raven pilot - help decide the outcome of the war between the Alliance and the Vertex. Finally, it's worth pointing out that it's set six months after the events of the last Armored Core, Nexus - which is handy, since it's probably going to come about six months after it too.

Farewell Armored Core. I can hardly bear to look you in the eye.