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PSP updated to 3.00

Support for emulated PSone games, remote play, etc.

Sony has released its version 3.00 firmware for PlayStation Portable, adding the ability to play emulated PSone games bought in the PlayStation Store and to act as a remote control for the PlayStation 3 among other things.

Most interesting is the ability to play emulated games, although you will need a PlayStation 3 to do this - the online instructions manuals (now accessible, as with the PS3, by visiting the PSP's Network menu) making this clear.

Sony aims to release a range of emulated PSone games playable exclusively through PSP before the end of the year, with Resident Evil, Arc the Lad and Bishi Bashi Special among the first batch.

Meanwhile, the new Remote Play function will allow gamers to load up video, music and pictures on the PlayStation 3 using the PSP handheld, and also allows you to control the PS3's web-browser.

PSP-specific changes in 3.00 include the addition of timed recording in the RSS Channel area, a visualisation player and three-speed fast-forward and fast-rewind options in Music, and Camera support under Photo.

Perhaps best of all though, given the PSP's expanded functionality, you can also order it not to automatically load up UMD discs when you turn it on, allowing you to choose - which is also the situation with the PlayStation 3.

The PSP 3.00 firmware is currently only available from Sony's Japanese website, but expect a US version to follow soon.