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Battlefield takes to PS3, X360

Bad Company makes solo strides.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts is primed to reveal details of DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company, with US mag GameInformer previewing the previously unannounced game in its September issue.

Bad Company will be the second Battlefield game released on Xbox 360, after Modern Combat, and the PlayStation 3's first, obviously.

Beyond that, details are few to none, but DICE has previously spoken of a next-generation title, bound exclusively to consoles, in development and due out in 2007 - which seems like a neat fit.

According to GameInformer, DICE is aiming to deliver "the best single-player experience ever in a Battlefield game", but don't go cancelling your Live subscription just yet, since there'll be plenty of multiplayer to talk about too.

Expect more details when EA lifts the lid itself.

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