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Miami Vice for PSP

Speedboats and wireless drugs.

Vivendi's announced that you'll soon be able to trade drugs with your friends, ride around on speedboats and generally undercover it up in the world of Miami Vice on PSP.

Due out in July - to coincide with the release of the film on the 28th - the Rebellion-developed Miami Vice lets you play as either Tubbs or Crockett as you try and infiltrate the South Beach drugs world and get at a South American drug lord.

Although ostensibly a third-person shooter, we're also promised lots of drug trading, computer hacking and "interactive cut-scene encounters". Plus there'll be some speedboat missions, and a co-op wireless mode will allow you to tackle lots of things with a partner.

It's all been put together with some snazzy motion capture, and takes place prior to the events of the film, which we'll assume is some sort of update since this isn't the 1980s. We'll bring you more when it's in our hands.