Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Drug-busting, Oxford-style.

Davilex and Ocean have had a go - now it's Vivendi's turn to try and eke a decent game out of the newly revived Miami Vice licence. This time there's the weight of the blockbuster movie starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx to propel it into gamer's consciousness - and the fact that the PSP has been somewhat starved of high quality exclusive releases for most of the year.

But rather than attempt some lame Vice City rip-off (an ironic concept in itself), developer Rebellion has pulled off a simple, but initially engaging shooter that shamelessly apes the core combat in Resident Evil 4, and spices it up with the crime-fuelled menace of The Getaway. It's short, fairly repetitive, not exactly innovative, quite easy, but mildly enjoyable thanks to a decent control system that bothers to play to the strengths of the PSP.

Based around a series of broadly similar and entirely linear levels that encompass staples like a factory, warehouse, nightclub and so on, the premise is almost entirely the same throughout the game. You play as Crocket or Tubbs (chosen at the very start) blasting your way through a series of drug cartels, and then bizarrely selling the drugs on to dealers in order to squeeze information out of them and to buy yourself better gear. No one said it had to be morally sound.

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Miami Vice

Hands-on with Rebellion's PSP shooter.

"Welcome to Miami - bienvenida a Miami." So sang Will Smith once, or rather Will Smith and some hispanic ladies, before going on to "rap" about jetskis, cinnamon tans, the lovely sunny weather and all that sort of thing. But if you think life in Miami really is "every day like a mardi gras", you're much mistaken - or so Oxford-based Rebellion would have you believe.

Miami Vice

Rebellion talks shop, cops and Colin Farrell.

This summer will see the arrival of another big screen remake of a classic TV show - namely Miami Vice, which stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx and is directed by none other than the creator of the original series, Michael Mann.

Miami Vice

Watch out gangsters, dapper Don Johnson’s heading your way and he’s looking sharp!

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Miami Vice

E3: The PSP gets a new super sharp shooter.

Hollywood just can't seem to stop itself turning rubbish old TV shows into big budget movies. From Charlie's Angels and Starsky and Hutch to the Dukes of Hazzard and the forthcoming Baywatch movie, aargh, there's just no getting away from them. And why are they all American TV shows, anyway? Keira Knightley would make a lovely Juliet Bravo, and who can't see Gerard Depardieu breathing new life into the role of that bloke out of 'Allo 'Allo? (Banderas to star as incompetent Italian fascist type, obv).

Miami Vice for PSP

Speedboats and wireless drugs.

Vivendi's announced that you'll soon be able to trade drugs with your friends, ride around on speedboats and generally undercover it up in the world of Miami Vice on PSP.