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Advance Wars DS details

Translated reports from Japanese mag Nintendo Dream shed some more light on what Nintendo and COs are up to.

Advance Wars is due out on Nintendo DS by the end of the year and will feature an aircraft carrier and stealth fighter amongst its new units, while Commanding Officers will now have a "TAG" stat to show how well they work with other COs during tag battles.

That's according to information gleaned from a preview of the game in Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, thoughtfully translated by a chap called Jonnyram on the Gaming Age forums. We like him.

Says Jonny, the game's official name in Japan appears to be "Famicom Wars DS: Battle of Omega Land". We're also told that the main menu features Campaign, Trial, Free Battle, Survival and Combat options, and notes how many medals the player has collected so far - which is a slight change to the Mode Select menu we last saw here.

Regarding the tag battles - word has it that the DS's two screens are split with one CO on each and that the player can switch between them depending on what's needed in battle. Outside tag mode, the top screen is said to be reserved for unit information, land data and missile countdown, while the bottom handles maps and battles.

That seems to tally to a certain degree with what we've seen of the game in screenshots, which certainly put the missile countdown stuff up top. Advance Wars DS will almost certainly be a key aspect of the Nintendo DS showing at E3 this year, so we'll know more for sure then.

And yes, we're rather hoping it's online too.