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Advance pack for Lumines Live

Out now, with more content soon.

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Microsoft has released the "Advance Challenge Pack" for Lumines Live, just two days after the game's debut on Xbox Live Arcade.

Priced at 600 Microsoft points (GBP 5.10 / EUR 6.98), the pack adds 20 new skins to the 12 of the original game, along with leaderboards specific to the Advance mode.

Microsoft has also attempted to clarify it and Q Entertainment's plans for further downloadable content, after a lot of gamers got hot and bothered about the high price of the game (1200 points) and the number of modes that feature very little content.

In a release carried by the official Gamerscoreblog, the company said early 2007 would see the release of the Artist Pack (featuring music video skins like the Madonna "Sorry" video shown off at E3), playable under Challenge mode), the Mission/Puzzle Pack (adding 50 stages and three new skins each for Mission and Puzzle modes) and the Vs. CPU Pack (featuring 11 new opponents/skins).

And as for the controversy over things like there only being one playable Vs. CPU level in the base game, Microsoft's answer is simple: "If you enjoy that game mode, you can purchase the add-on pack to add new CPU challengers and skins - if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it."

But should you buy the game itself? That seems like a question best left for our review to answer, doesn't it? Linky-linky-link.

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