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Lumines Live extras soon

Promo-priced content packs.

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Microsoft and Q Entertainment are taking over again next Xbox Live Wednesday to deliver a trio of content packs for Lumines Live.

What's more, each is being released under some sort of promotion, which means that one of them's free and the others will cost just 100 Microsoft points for a limited time - in stark contrast to the game itself, of course, which is among the most expensive on Live Arcade thanks to a 1200-point price-tag.

Anyway, starting 24th January you'll be able to get the Heavenly Star skin for free if you're an Xbox Live Gold member, allowing you to play Lumines with the Tetsuya Mizuguchi-produced Genki Rockets song pounding away against a new backdrop.

That's free for Gold users until 21st February, after which it will presumably cost. Meanwhile, the Vs. CPU and Puzzle/Mission packs will both start off at 100 MS points and then leap to 300 MS points on the same day the Heavenly Star deal expires.

The Vs. CPU pack promises a new skin and character designs - along, obviously, with a sequence of levels allowing you to play against CPU opponents in a version of the game's multiplayer mode - with a special skin to unlock at the end. The Puzzle/Mission pack will add 90 puzzles and 40 missions to the ten of each available for free in the main game release.

Previous downloadable content is still available, of course - so if you're after the Advance Pack, which changes things about (a bit) in the main Challenge mode, you can go and look for that right now. Otherwise, stay tuned for next Wednesday. Or, you know, just buy one of the PSP versions, which offer all this without the faffing.

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