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Lumines dev fights climate change

Plans DLC with some proceeds for NGOs and good causes.

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Q Entertainment is preparing to launch a raft of summer content for Lumines Live next week, and to help make up for all those whirring processors it's donating a portion of the proceeds to climate protection NGOs (non-government organisations) and other good causes.

From next Wednesday, 27th June at 9am GMT, you'll be able to grab the Tokyo Club Mix Pack, also known as the SOS Charity Campaign Pack. It'll cost 350 Microsoft points (GBP 2.98 / EUR 4.07) and features "beats and visuals from four of the hottest DJs, artists and VJs": Genki Rockets' "Heavenly Star - SOS Remix", Sugiurumn's "House66", Techriders' "4x4 Bricks" and Muku's "Cosmic Humming". Each track takes the form of a new skin - Lumines fans of course know what that means.

Also due out on 27th June is a larger Booster Pack, priced at 600 Microsoft points (GBP 5.10 / EUR 6.98), which introduces 20 more skins for Challenge mode, including, as you'd hope, some new ones. "A must-see is the unique collaboration between Lumines and 'Bloomy Girls', a colourful and lively piece created by striking Japanese visual artist/musician Masakatsu Takagi," Q enthuses.

You can catch a glimpse of the new skins in our Lumines Live Xbox 360 screenshot gallery. The full Xbox Live Arcade game, which is required to take advantage of these extras, goes for 1200 Microsoft points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96), and you can read our review on the helpfully titled Lumines Live review page.

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