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New Tenchu DS details

Make your own shurikens!

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New details have been revealed of Tenchu DS, the first instalment in the legendary series for Nintendo's handheld.

Speaking to Famitsu, producer Atsuhi Taniguchi confirmed that while the gameplay will be familiar to fans there will of course be a few changes. Naturally the game utilises the DS's unique capabilities - the top screen displays the action, while any items you've collected can be found on the touch screen along with a handy map showing the location of nearby enemies. Sometimes you'll need to use the touch screen to pull off a finishing move, too.

Unlike previous Tenchu games this one will use a top down perspective, and Taniguchi is considering implementing a system where the viewing angle switches if you align yourself with a wall.

New gameplay elements will include the option to set traps and make your own weapons - combining an item with a bit of steel, say, to produce shurikens. This means you'll have to keep an eye out for useful materials as you progress through each level.

And what a lot of missions there will be, according to Taniguchi - although he did stress that many of may only last for five or ten minutes. Along with the main storyline missions, there will be optional sub-quests too.

Tenchu DS is set to hit Japanese shelves next spring - there's no word of a European release yet, however.

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