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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 shots

PS2, Xbox, PC.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has confirmed today that Pro Evolution Soccer 5 will be returning to PS2, Xbox and PC this autumn in Europe - and has also released a number of screenshots showing it off, which you can find here.

The publisher has yet to announce any concrete details of the European version, claiming simply that it "expands on the realism and total control" and adding that the Master League will return, with more details due soon.

However fans of the series will be well aware that it is derived from the Japanese Winning Eleven titles, of which version 9 is due out this August. Details of that game were revealed recently, and you can catch up on them here. It seems likely that much of that will be true of PES5.

PES5 is also expected to feature online play on PS2, Xbox and PC this time around. PES4 lacked the functionality on PS2 and was criticised for the weakness of its online PC offering, but enjoyed great success on Xbox Live - particularly after a patch that fixed a few teething problems.

There's no word from Konami so far on the PSP version that it's repeatedly hinted we might be able to expect. Details of that came about last October and were recently reconfirmed by the publisher's European representatives.

Speaking in a statement released today, Konami of Europe's present Kunio Neo said new details would be forthcoming, and that the company anticipates "both newcomers and die-hard fans alike will be extremely pleased with what we have to say".

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