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Red Moon rises on EVE Online

Huge content update.

CCP has completed a semi-overhaul of EVE Online, which it calls Red Moon Rising. RMR optimises performance, makes some changes to combat (including defences and configuration overhauls), makes some UI improvements, includes a full Unicode client, and of course adds an absolute ton of new content.

Apparently things are getting toward the brink of full-scale war in Red Moon Rising, as nations conspire against each other and secretly prepare to do each other in - which is as good a backdrop as any for a load of new content according to Phoenix.

There are 23 new ships including destroyers, battlecruisers and mining barges, Titans (the biggest vessles ever) and Carriers (frontline ships offering fighter coverage and support), while CONCORD will now allow lawful retribution if someone biffs your ship to bits. Red Moon Rising also includes new missions to the Gallente and Amarr territories.

EVE fans will also find new Asian bloodlines available to each race, refinements to the starbases and sovereignty, upgraded manufacturing and research facilities (including remote industry management), new equipment and skills for miners, and the flagging up of folks who loot jettisoned canisters as thieves.

For more details and download information, take a gander at the game's official website.