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Animal Crossing for Wii

Still in the planning phase.

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Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi has confirmed that a Wii version of Animal Crossing is in the pipeline - but there's no word on a release date yet, since they're still deciding how the whole thing's going to work.

Speaking to IGN, Eguchi said: "We're still just hammering out the concepts. It's not playable yet... Right now we're currently considering our options in terms of what we can do with the various features of the controller and through WiiConnect24.

"You could have someone visit your town even when you weren't actively playing and maybe leave you a letter or a gift," he said, echoing comments made at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference.

"Also, through Wi-Fi Connection, players could play simultaneously."

Eguchi confirmed that they're looking at ways of making the game work with the Wii's remote controller, stating: "Basically it could become potentially your axe, your shovel and your fishing rod. You can imagine what can happen there.

"Again, we don't know if this will happen for sure because it's kind of a trial and error process."

As for when the game will be out: "That's yet to be determined," said Eguchi.

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