Animal Crossing: Wild World

Key events

23rd December 2005

Animal Crossing: Wild World

12th October 2005

Animal Crossing DS details

22nd September 2005

Animal Crossing DS details

3D Animal Crossing on the way?

It'll be unveiled at E3, says report.

UK charts: World at War still raging

Prince of Persia, Animal Crossing less so.

Animal Crossing movie trailer

Now available for viewing.

Nintendo talks AC Wii

Phone and email possibilities.

Animal Crossing for Wii

Still in the planning phase.

Animal Crossing movie coming

3 million copies of DS game sold.

FeatureAnimal Crossing closes gap on Lara

Vivendi still chilling out in second place.

Animal Crossing treats coming

The Easter bunny's on his way!

We made evil flower - Nintendo

Animal Crossing 'plague' halted.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Strangest thing...

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Wild, weird and rather wonderful.

Animal Crossing DS details

US version'll work fine online from here, plus network-play reports.

Animal Crossing DS details

No more train station!

Euro date for Animal Crossing DS

Q1 '06, says Nintendo.

Animal Crossing DS renamed

Some news is better than no news, we suppose.