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Animal Crossing DS renamed

Some news is better than no news, we suppose.

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The DS version of Animal Crossing has been renamed Animal Crossing: Wild World.

While news on the new game – a fully online version of the cutesy “live-in world” that became such a cult classic on GameCube – has been scarce, an multiplayer demo was shown at E3 in May this year, giving at least some hope to the huddled masses.

Online functionality such as being able to trade with other players in your village (you select the village you visit through an easy-to-use server list, apparently) and chat were shown at the expo, but outside of that the only real detail known so far is that the train station from the GameCube game has been replaced with a large gate at the north of the village. Heart-stopping stuff.

Animal Crossing lets the player live in a town of their choosing as a animal, raising money through work, paying off a mortgage and watching the seasons change as real-time floats by.

Nintendo has made no comment on a specific European release date for Animal Crossing: Wild World as yet, and was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

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