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Game Stars Live plans tournament

See your name up in lights. Then shoot at it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The organisers of Game Stars Live, a consumer games show set to take over the ExCeL exhibition facility in London's Docklands for five days this September, will also play host to the European Online Gaming Championship, arranged in association with World Cyber Games organisers Sujoy Roy and Dominic Mulroy.

Although the EOGC is more than eight months away, a number of qualification rounds will take place over the coming months both via online leagues and at dedicated events hosted by iGames LAN centres throughout the UK.

The live final at ExCeL in September will post new challenges on each day of Game Stars Live, with organisers predicting that thousands of gamers will take part in play-offs for cash prizes and various "money can't buy" packages. Entry to each championship is included in the cost of admission to Game Stars Live, which will also be featured as part of Granada's Game Stars Live TV show, to be broadcast on ITV after the event.

Running from September 1st to 5th, Game Stars Live shares the ExCeL centre with ELSPA's European Games Network (EGN) trade exhibition, which runs from September 1st to 3rd. EGN has been the source of some controversy in the UK, with ECTS organisers CMP particularly unhappy about ELSPA's plans to compete directly and split the focus of the games industry by luring attendees away from its London Games Week initiatives.

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