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New Bomberman game for DS

It's out later this year.

Atlus has announced plans to bring a new instalment in the Bomberman series to the Nintendo DS.

Bomberman Land Touch! will see you using the handheld's touch screen to check your status, change the gameplay icons, save and load, switch equipment and "check fictional in-game email." The top screen, meanwhile, will display your inventory, and a map of the current zone.

In story mode, you'll be exploring a pirate theme park called Bomber Island. There are five different zones - a harbour town, a mountain range, an aquarium, a jungle, and a castle. You'll have to solve puzzles as you progress through the game, and defeat opponents to earn essential items and gate keys. Eventually you will become the Pirate King, and unlock a special reward for "experienced gamers". Apparently, the whole thing should take you about 15 hours.

In attraction mode, up to four players can compete in any of the 36 mini-games you've unlocked in story mode. Some of these are based around straightforward action, whilst others revolve around sports and racing. You might need to use the DS's microphone in some instances - to blow out a lit fuse, for example.

Battle mode will see up to eight players engaging in classic bomberman battles, even if only one of you has a copy of the game, and up to four players can compete via Wi-Fi Connection. You'll use the D-pad to control Bomberman, and there are 20 stages - all of which are spread over both screens.

Bomberman Land Touch! is due out in the US this November, so you can expect a European release some time after Christmas, with a bit of luck.

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