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Halo 2 World Champ named

His parents must've loved him.

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Microsoft has named the Halo 2 World Champion at the conclusion of its global contest to discover the Halo 2 World Champion. Unsurprisingly, they've named him the Halo 2 World Champion. [I seem to remember you did a joke a lot like this about two days ago. Watch it. - Ed]

The Halo 2 World Champion, then, goes by the moniker King Tuur. At least we assume it's a moniker - although if he really is king of his native Netherlands then that's even more exciting. Tuur triumphed over 50,000 other Halo players, apparently, although presumably that's how many took part rather than how many he personally defeated - otherwise we'd fear for the upkeep of the Dutch nation, obviously.

Microsoft's also named the five other global finalists - aimitux of Japan (we're surprised too), ii Cabel ii of Australia, L Terry15 L of the USA, II Theos II of France and Pr0gamer of Germany. The absolute finalists were King Tuur and aimitux, and apparently once Tuur got the other hand he never lost it.

All in all, across the regional qualifiers and world competition, King Tuur walked (staggered, etc.) off with a half-size Master Chief statue, a personalised Xbox Live Halo 2 Championship sweatshirt and Regional Champion Plaque, a Samsung camcorder, a 50" Samsung flat-screen DLP HDTV, a Samsung DVD player/recorder, a personalised Xbox Live Halo 2 Global Champion Trophy [I'll save you the trouble, Tom. "Halo 2 World Champion, surely?" - Ed] and "the US equivalent of $1,500 in cash". Which is presumably around $1,500 in cash.

Which ain't bad going really! Congratulations to King Tuur. We wonder what the odds would have been on the grand final being contested by a Dutchman and a Japanese fellow, eh?

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