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Alien Hominid Xbox DLC

Hominidae in the face.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

ZOO Digital's announced a pair of downloadable level packs for owners of Alien Hominid for Xbox, the simple but mentalistically violent cartoon shoot-'em-up from indie dev The Behemoth.

Sadly the level packs aren't for the main game but rather the PDA mini-game stuff that kept people amused in between bouts of blasting. They're called "Chicken Pack" and "Ultra Hyper load", and both contain 25 levels. And, unless we're missing something, they're both free.

There'll be more downloadable content early next year, says ZOO, and there's a GBA version of Alien Hominid due out later in this one. In time for Christmas, apparently. Mothers: buying your kids 2d shooters will make them better geeks in years to come.

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