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Behemoth duo for Live Arcade

Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers.

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The Behemoth's quirky 2D shooter Alien Hominid will appear on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, while the developer's other game, another side-scroller called Castle Crashers, will join the XBLA line-up in early 2007.

Alien Hominid began life as a Flash game before it made its way to PS2, GameCube and Xbox. The 360 version will of course be in high-definition and widescreen, and we're also told to expect a few bonuses for people familiar with the original.

Castle Crashers looks almost as manic as Alien Hominid, but adds a bit of into-the-screen depth to the side-scrolling so that the four little block-headed player-characters can deal death in different ways - with all sorts of sword-lashing combination attacks and fireball-chucking.

For more on Alien Hominid, check out our review from last June.

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