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Frontier invites you to Thrillville

Build your own theme park.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 developer Frontier is working on a brand new game! And it's about building theme parks full of roller coasters and then riding on them using a "coaster cam". So perhaps it's not that new after all.

Thrillville's been enough to get LucasArts excited though - Georgey boy's lot are publishing it this autumn on PS2, Xbox and PSP, and played it up during E3.

You'll get to build a theme park, with five to master, fill it with any of 75-plus ride types in up to 15 themed areas (including "Pirates Gone Wild", "Gold Rush", "Ancient Treasures of Egypt" and "Moon Base"), and add to that go-karts, mini-golf and other mini-games, which you can actually play.

That's because one of Thrillville's twists is the option to play with up to three friends on 18 of the 22 "midway" mini-games, including bumper cars and shoot-'em-ups. You can also tour the park on foot.

The ultimate goal is to build a theme park over 150 missions that staves off the interest of the evil "Globo-Joy" corporation. And to ride around on roller coasters as you do.

In addition to all that, the PSP version will also have ad-hoc multiplayer, including the ability to share items like unique track and coaster designs with your friends.

LucasArts reckons it's an interesting mix of "simulation, party games and social interaction", and has released shots of both the Xbox and PS2 versions.

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