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Tasty Quake Wars LAN at E3


You might not be able to rocket-jump into helicopters, but Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is still looking like a mighty fine earth-versus-aliens alternative to Battlefield 2.

That's a link to the preview by the way, and not a picture of someone rocket-jumping into a helicopter - although if you do have such a picture from real-life, send it send it!

Anyway, we mention this because Activision's apparently confirmed that we'll be able to go properly hands-on with Quake Wars over a 24-player LAN at E3 this year - where one level of the game will be demoed.

Which ought to give us a good chance to see how that sexy Megatexture technology - "the whole planet is one big texture!" - is working out, and how the handsome humans and ugly Strogg have been getting on with their mighty war machines.

In the meantime, for more on how it all works, check out our extensive preview from earlier this year.