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Quake Wars 1.2 patch soon

Full VoIP, bot tweaks, more.

Splash Damage's 1.2 update for multiplayer PC first-person shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is currently with publisher Activision's quality assurance folks and should be released within a few weeks.

That'd according to lead game designer Paul Wedgwood, writing on the game's community website, who explained exactly what to expect from the patch. You'd be better off reading his in-depth explanation if you're into the game, but in summary: full voice comms support, adjusted game balancing (weapons tweaks, etc), the ability to maintain Fireteams between rounds, UI improvements, bot fixes and improvements (to make them "more devious and enjoyable to play with") and various miscellaneous bug-fixes.

Wedgwood also says that he will update soon about the developer's separate plans to add further tournament support features, and concludes by adding that work has already begun on the 1.3 update, and that a Software Development Kit (SDK) is currently being polished up for public consumption. Exciting times!

Stick your head round the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PC gamepage door for more on Splash Damage's latest. PS3 and 360 versions (in development at Z-Axis and Nerve Software respectively) are due out next year.

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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