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PSP: a cheap alternative

Chinese electronic firm bravely enters the battle of the handhelds.

Desperately want a PSP? Tired of waiting for a release date? Had an accident in the workplace or a trip or fall anywhere?

Well, we can't help you with the last one. Or indeed the first two in all honesty. But Chinese firm Gaoming Electronics is doing its best with the launch of the GM-219, the latest contender to enter the battle of the handhelds.

Take a look at this picture and you'll notice it bears something of a resemblance to Sony's handheld. And, as the makers observe, it too offers a "fashionable science and technology outlook."

But that's not all. Marvel, if you will, at the GM-219's "transferable four-step-grey level LCD display." Gasp at the "imitate" colour screen, "high-brightness" and "strong" sound effects.

It comes with 37 games built-in, which is more than you can say for Sony's imitation version, and is compatible with Game King gamecards. The most high profile titles seem to revolve around tramps, planes and evil spirits, but no doubt there'll be some kind of free-roaming urban gangbanger in there somewhere.

No price is listed, but you can enquire about the GM-210 here.

And why not browse the Gaoming catalogue while you're at it - highlights include the "Electronic Hworl" and the"Bonny Shake-Electronic Hula Circle with Personal Information Setting for Health Enhancement". It's designed for body-building and offers seven levels of results: "best, strong, good, normal, lazy, poor, dead." We want one.