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Lost Planet MP demo dated

Details and shots released.

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Lost Planet's multiplayer demo will be released onto Xbox Live Marketplace on 23rd November, Capcom has announced.

It'll be free, obviously, and will offer four gameplay modes (Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab and Fugitive) with support for 16 players on the "Pirate Fortress" multiplayer map.

There you'll be able to sample some of the game's weapons on-foot, like the meaty rocket launcher, and also tackle one another in the Vital Suits (mechs) that form part of the action.

"Well in excess of 500,000 people have downloaded Lost Planet's single player demo," Capcom Europe president Hiroshi Tobisawa revealed.

"We are now pleased to offer Xbox 360 gamers the opportunity to sample the game's adrenaline pumping multiplayer mode and test their skills against players around the world," he added.

The full version of Lost Planet, Capcom's second major Xbox 360 exclusive after Dead Rising, is due out in Europe on 12th January.

You can find some new screenshots of the multiplayer mode in action elsewhere on the site.

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