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Golden Axe goes next-gen

Death-Adder on PS3, Xbox 360.

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Sega is bringing arcade and Megadrive classic Golden Axe to next-gen platforms, promising a "complete re-imagining of the story" for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Originally released in 1989, the side-scrolling slash-em-up featured undead skeletal warriors, giant S&M boss battles and the frequent opportunity to ride bareback on a fire-breathing beast. There was also a choice of three different characters - a burly man, a buxom woman and, er, a beardy dwarf. Three characters eh? Imagine that!

The idea of "completely re-imagining" a classic is always a little concerning and it could go one of two ways (Altered Beast anyone?) but we're hoping this may be the exception to prove the rule.

The task has been given to one of Sega's recent acquisitions, San Francisco-based Secret Level, and both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are due for release next year.

We'll bring you more details on the storyline, characters, gameplay and features as soon as they emerge.

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