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Xbox TV stuff to span globe

So why not just buy more 20GB hard disks, says Xbox man.

Microsoft's new US-only TV and film distribution mechanism for Xbox 360, which will see everything from South Park to Superman Returns sold through Marketplace (often in high definition), will act as a springboard for the rest of the world's services.

At least that's what's there to infer from Group Product Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg's comments in a recent interview, where he acknowledged the US exclusivity but added, "the platform is built and we're able now to get more locally relevant content on the market as we span across the world".

Greenberg also talked a bit more about how the service works - with TV shows hopefully set to be available the day after they air in the US - before the conversation swung round to the issue of hard disk space. More specifically, people running out of room for things on the default 20GB hard disk - with a higher capacity version apparently not due in the near future.

"At this point we're not ready yet to roll out a bigger hard drive," Greenberg confirmed. He also said that if you were ever forced to delete a TV show, you could always re-download it, which is something.

Or, you know, you could buy more hard drives: "I can tell you what people tell me they do to get around this. What they do is they put their Live account on a memory unit and then they have one hard drive that they put their games or related content on, and then they have another drive that they put their movies and TV on," he told GamersReports. Well, that's one way of dealing with it.