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Codies plans expanded LMA Manager PC title

It's "way beyond a console conversion".

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Codemasters has announced that the PC version of LMA Manager 2005, due out in late October, will be "way beyond a console conversion", combining the mechanics of the successful PS2 and Xbox titles "with the scope only possible on PC". You can find screenshots of the game here.

The expanded PC version of LMA 2005 will feature more countries (50), leagues (English, Scottish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) and trophies than previous editions, with official players, clubs, badges and trophies from "all the top clubs", The Championship, League 1, League 2 and the non-league Conference.

You'll be able to scout for players, train the team, pick the squad and plan tactics using an interface that Codies believes is more intuitive than the stat-heavy competition, and the developer also promises that every match can be influenced by your decisions between kick-off and the final whistle, with nothing predetermined.

There'll be a 3D match view or a Quickmatch option, and there's also a highlights-only approach if you're not interested in waiting around for things to unfold - plus, commentary from Barry Davies and match day summary from Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.

LMA Manager 2005 faces some stiff competition this Christmas from the likes of Eidos's Championship Manager 5, Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2005 and EA's Total Club Manager 2005, but Codies will be hoping its more user-friendly approach will tempt people who've previously felt a bit overwhelmed by other titles in the genre.

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