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Thief III: Not So Deadly Shadows

An unhelpful save-related bug in both the PC and Xbox versions of Thief III is threatening to upset fans by not killing them efficiently enough.

Thief III: Deadly Shadows, due out on PC and Xbox in Europe this Friday, reportedly suffers from an obscure bug that resets the difficulty level to Normal if you ever save and then reload your position.

This is obviously rather bad news for the legions of Thief fanatics who want to take advantage of the higher difficulty levels, which developer Ion Storm spent ages tweaking so that the guards would take more notice of minor details like open doors and missing objects.

The bug, picked up on by fans on the game's official forum, ought to be fixable on the PC at least. That is, assuming Eidos works out it exists - reports elsewhere on the same forum reference an email from Eidos Germany blaming the chap who discovered it.

If genuine, the email is several things. It's something of a sleight on the observant Thief fan, and rather ignores his forum full of friends who were all happily replicating it - and not just on the PC, but on the Xbox. (Which is arguably even worse news - as an update on Slashdot recalls the fact that you can only patch Live-related issues using Microsoft's online updater.)

But moreover it also suggests that Eidos hasn't caught this bug in time to quash it ahead of the game's European release in just two days' time...

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