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Contra lands on Live Arcade

Can you finish it in 12 minutes?

Microsoft's going commando again this morning with the Xbox Live Arcade release of Konami's '80s arcade classic, Contra - with the port once again carried out by Digital Eclipse.

Up on Live Arcade in trial version and 400-Microsoft-point full form, the 32.46MB download offers co-operative play through Xbox Live - making the most of one of the original game's more popular features.

Naturally there are also the usual array of leaderboards to see how good you are compared to your friends, along with the option of using "enhanced" graphics and sounds, with unlockable achievements completing the extras.

A quick scan reveals that you're rewarded for collecting lots of pick-ups, reaching certain points, doing well with a friend online and, for the ultimate 30-point achievement, finishing the game in under 12 minutes.

Expect a full review of the Live Arcade Contra just as we can extricate ourselves from the November deluge.