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Xbox modder on lockdown

Doing time in own house.

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The owner of an LA videogames shop has been sentenced to six months of home detention for selling illegally modded Xboxes.

Poor old Jason Jones, owner of the ACME Game Store, yes really, will have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet so that the Feds can keep track of where he is at all times. He's also on probation for three years.

As is his mate, one Jonathan Bryant, who also pleaded guilty to selling the chipped consoles. They admitted to installing more than 50 pirate games on each machine, charging customers between $225 and $500 per Xbox.

Jones and Bryant were nicked after an undercover investigator from trade body the Entertainment Software Association bought one of the consoles at their store. They've been ordered to pay the ESA a fine of $2648.

The po-po have yet to catch up with the third person involved - Pei "Patrick" Cai, who was allegedly the person responsible for modding the consoles. Apparently he's on the run and is now described as a fugitive by the US attorney's office. Best lock those doors and close those windows, then...

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