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Gears of War high-def trailer


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Image credit: Eurogamer

A high-definition video of the Xbox 360 game that everybody remembers from this year's E3, Gears of War, has been circulating the internet in the last few days, and now everyone can get hold of it.

So go ahead and download it. As well you know already, GoW is set on a planet ravaged by... well, not by knitting, basically. Originally quite a happy and prosperous place, it descended into anarchy when the populous ran out of fuel and realised that impressive reserves of a new substance called "imulsion" were located under just a few cities. Cue lots of in-fighting. 79 years of that later, it got even worse when a race called The Locusts swarmed up through the surface and wiped out a quarter of the remaining population.

At which point you come in - with a big gun and your fellow "Gears". And what you see in the demo happens. Rather spectacularly. It looks stunning, of course - indeed, it's little surprise that developer Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 toolset is highly coveted by both sides in the next-generation console war. It's a taste of the future, and it tastes like WAR.

For war on War, war this war. War.

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