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Zoo Tycoon 2 expansions

They come in packs. Ha ha.

Microsoft's gone all expansion-crazy this week, what with AoE3 and now this: three Zoo Tycoon 2 expansions all due out this year.

They are a pair of buy-in-shops packs called African Adventure and Marine Mania, and a third, downloadable offering going by Dino Danger Pack. All are developed by Blue Fang Games, as ever.

African Adventure, due out in May, allows you to adopt and care for 20 new African animals from eight biomes, including an Ethiopian wolf which sounds very exciting. There'll also be "dozens" of new buildings, objects and gift items and a full desert theme pack, as well as a Jeep Liberty with optional animal-skin paintjobs to drive around in.

The other two are due out later this year and both will include various new scenarios and themes, as you'd expect.

Which is all good news if you liked the rather gentle, fondly enjoyable exploits of Zoo Tycoon 2. And news of no real virtue if you didn't - what are you doing here, weirdo?