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New Fantastic 4 game

Based on the film sequel.

Yesterday we heard that Activision had dumped the rights for Iron Man and SEGA had picked them up, and today it's the turn of Fantastic 4.

That's because Marvel executive veepee David Maisel, speaking about Fantastic 4 licensing in a conference call to investors, has confirmed that there's a "new relationship" in place.

That will see another game "released with the movie next year. And that game is going on schedule, as well." Fair play if you didn't realise they were making another Fantastic 4 film - we're also surprised they're bothering.

The suggestion at the moment is that it'll be Take-Two that produces the new game of the film, although SEGA hinted at further next-gen console collaborations with Marvel when it announced its Iron Man deal yesterday.

Then again, it did specifically mention a Marvel "superhero" property, rather than a superheroes one. We'll see.