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Kameo Power Pack coming soon

New co-op modes, achievements.

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Rare has announced details of its upcoming "Power Pack" update for Kameo, which adds export and time attack modes, a new competitive two-player game, 15 new achievements and worldwide leaderboards.

Expert mode will include six re-jigged versions of existing levels made rather more difficult by the inclusion of bigger battles with enemies decked out in new armour. Playable alone and with a co-op partner, the levels will call on all ten of your Elemental Warriors' abilities.

Time Attack, meanwhile, is available for split-screen, System Link or Live co-op play and is all about pummel(weed)ing levels as quickly as possible. Finally, Rune Battle mode is a co-op game which pits you against your partner, the idea being to collect the most runes while making use of new weapons to stifle your opponent.

There's no word on when the Power Pack will be released, or whether it'll be a premium download, but Rare advises you to keep an eye on the game's official website for details.

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