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Test Drive 360 E3 demo

Plus PSP, PS2 versions due.

Atari's planning to release a playable demo of Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360 during E3 this year - and has announced that PS2 and PSP ports will line up alongside the 360 and PC versions when the game comes out in the autumn.

Microsoft's pushing Xbox 360 content heavily through Xbox Live Marketplace during E3 week, and the TDU demo will be among those made available to Gold subscribers - and those observing the free week of Gold-level access - between May 8th and 14th.

Meanwhile, Atari Melbourne House will be putting in work on PS2 and PSP versions of the game, which Atari's termed a Massively Online Open Racing (MOOR) game - with the PSP version billed as "one of the first ever genuinely online games for the console".

For more on TDU's progress, check out our in-depth pre-E3 impressions of the Xbox 360 version elsewhere on the site.